Museo del prado,madrid,garbade,paintings,paul lachenal,Alfonso Grau,Jaime Lopez Molina


Alfonso Grau, Daniel Garbade, Jaime Lopez Molina,

26:02 – 31.03.2019


The Museo del Prado opened to the public on 19 th of November 1819 as a Royal Museum and Sculptures. in 2019, they celebrate their Bicentenary, a commemoration that will reveal the path covered since 1819 until today. For this special occasion Belen Artspace asked three known artists to conceive a work around one of the great masters shown at the museum. Photographs, collages and paintings in allusion to Velasquez, Goya and El Greco will be shown in the month of March 2019.

The Swiss artist Garbade is the grandson of the former Councilor of the State of Geneva Paul Lachenal, who played a very important role in the safeguarding of its colection at the museum in Geneva in 1939. In this way Garbade participates in the celebration


Mano en el pecho,

canvas: 97 x 130 cm