Exhibition by Garbade at the Museum San Ildefonso, Toledo,Spain














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Exhibition Coctel:

Theme of the exhibition: tolerance.

The San Ildefonso Museum is located in an ancient cemetery of a monastery .The exhibition is conceived to represent with portraits the man who in the grave is iqual.

In Toledo Christians, Moslems and Jews lived together peacefully for a long time.

The exhibition is shown under the auspices of the Swiss Embassy in Madrid with the cooperation of great writers like José Saramago ,Rafael Alberti, Vicente Molina Foix, Leopoldo Alas Minguez, Jesus Ferrero and Luis Antonio de Villena, and the vice-president of UNESCO Daniel Janicot, all of which have described the work of Garbade in the catalogue.

Link to press articles by Jose Saramago and Leopoldo Alas:


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